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Best Waterless Toilet Reviews

If you consider your home water usage, you will notice that the toilet consumes the most amount of water. And this usually happens when flushing our excrete day after day. The most annoying part is if you’re using an older or less efficient model that can use over three gallons of water just to get rid of your waste. In most countries where water resources are scarce, and a water bills system are implemented, flushing your toilet can be a major factor that can hike up your water bills.

Now, for vacationers let’s face it, having a toilet aboard your RV or mobile cabin is the absolute height of convenience, and you know how stressful and irritating it is when you want to get rid of those already stored feces from the septic tank. Not to worry, an excellent solution is here for you that can cut off the water used to flush your toilet and save you from the stress when using a loo in your mobile home. For anyone who wants to
save more money and help the environment as well as living off-grid, a waterless toilet system is the best option for you.

These waterless systems (also known as a biological toilet) operate by decomposing human waste, paper, and other materials into compost matter through the aid of micro-organism. During the composting process, gases causing bad odor are eliminated through the air drawn, therefore, leaving your loo odorless.
This type of toilet system comes with a compost bin or chamber and a drainage system which can be used to dispose of excess liquid. With this off-grid solution, you don’t need a professional because it can be easily installed below or above ground level in your home, cabin, boat or at your camping site.

Today, there are many models of eco-toilets available on the market. In this article, we are going to show you the five best waterless toilet systems in 2024.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Waterless Toilets of 2024

#1. Nature's Head, Self Contained Composting Toilet

Nature's Head, Self Contained Composting Toilet

The nature head composting toilet is known for their world-class quality, and this is one of their latest and best reliable choice that you can use comfortably on RVs, cabin, workshop, barns, yurts and for campers. For fast composting, it has a hand cranks agitator to help you get this done. And if you’re finding it difficult to install one in your mobile homes; you don’t have to worry because this one can be used anywhere conveniently without plumbing. 

The toilet does not produce foul odors when used which make it a reliable choice for you.  With its head having an inbuilt low volume air circulation fan, this can provide added advantage to recycle the air in your toilet space thereby making the environment smell better. And you’re also assured against manufacturer’s defects when buying this waterless toilet as it comes with a five years warranty.

This waterless loo is taller than normal; this means you will need a two-step stool so that your 4-year-old kid can make use of it comfortably. The vent hose included is too short to vent it if in case you are using it inside your cabin or RVs. The biggest complaint is that the urine reservoir is hard to see through which makes it difficult to determine when it should be emptied.

Bottom line, it is easy to install, made with high-quality material that can withstand harsh conditions, and is very convenient to use.

Verdict: Best Overall


  • Odor-free
  • Comfortable seat
  • Good 5-year warranty
  • Easy to install


  • The liquid container needs to be emptied regularly

#2. Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle

Nature's Head Dry Composting with Standard Crank Handle

Here comes another good composting toilet from Nature head with an innovative design and a reliable solution for personal sanitation. This is a self-contained toilet that requires no water and allows ease of use for many applications. It is a perfect fit for your mobile home as it runs on a waterless operation.

This waterless toilet is lightweight, compact and provides an odorless operation which makes it stand out. It has a sturdy construction that can withstand the harshest condition which gives it an added advantage. Another big plus is the exceptional customer service the company provides.

For fast composting, you have to turn the hand cranks agitator manually which can be stressful at times. The lid and composting chamber flap are not designed to be airtight, and this may lead to fly infestation if used outdoors.

Overall, if you’re looking for a user-friendly waterless toilet, this is a   perfect choice for you.


  • Well designed
  • It is Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Odorless operation
  • It comes with a 12v power plug and 5’ vent hose


  • The urinary container needs to be emptied every two days
  • Has a smaller seat compared to others
  • The Low air circulation fan does not last long

#3. Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained Composting Toilet

Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained Composting

This is among the most popular waterless toilet in the market today! We regard it as the best way to save you from worries when going for a vacation. The sun-mar excel non-electric self-toilet requires no water. With a single purchase, you will get exciting packages which include: venting kit and variable diameter bio-drum with recessed handle for fast composting.

This waterless toilet gives homeowners a middle ground between convenience and conservation as it requires no electricity and uses no water which makes it ideal for applications off the grid. It can convert human waste into the safe fertilizing soil which makes it an added advantage if you grow plants.

The complaint we have is focused on the drain tube; it can leave out a huge mess on your floor even when installed correctly. The compost consistency and moisture control become a constant struggle while trying to get this done.

Conclusively, it is a wonderful product that works very effectively and can also be an added advantage to you if you run an off-grid system.


  • Easy to install
  • Non-electrical
  • 100% non-pollution
  • Electricity free


  • The Step stools are made of cheap material

#4. Sun-Mar Excel Self-Contained Composting Model# Excel

Sun-Mar Excel Self-Contained Composting Model# Excel

This is another top waterless toilet from sum mar making out on our list. This is more a recommended choice for small household owners and attractive than the Excel-Ne. This toilet is an ideal choice for a residential setting of 3-4 person or cabin with up to 6-8 people. It offers venting kit that helps to remove the compost gases thereby giving an odorless smell when used and it also comes with bio-drum for processing compost.

This model features a step stool that allows you to sit on the toilet comfortably.  And it is smaller than the Excel-NE and the single agitator handle is recessed into the body of the unit making it easier to install into smaller spaces.

It is not a perfect choice for a complete off-grid system because it requires an electrical source for efficient operation and it can also result in massive hiking of your electricity bills if used at home.

Overall, it is smaller and perfectly designed to fit into smaller spaces comfortably.


  • Odor-free
  • It is well built
  • A single front operated recess handle
  • Elegant


  • Requires an electric current for maximum efficiency
  • Not ideal for a complete off-grid system

#5. Laveo Chemical Free Odorless Portable Electric Waterless Toilet

 Laveo Chemical Free Odorless Portable Electric Waterless Toilet

This is our last waterless toilet on our list that works off the grid, and is chemical and odor free when used. It uses a double bagging technology.

Best of all, it is extremely portable, and refills are simple. As said earlier it is odor free; this means your environment smells better even after using this waterless toilet.

This is still a good pick, we have no big complaints about this one. But it requires electricity which makes it not a perfect choice for a complete off-grid system. And using this off-grid toilet can increase your electricity bills in one way.

Overall, it has a good quality built, and easy to use.


  • Portable
  • Easy to install
  • Simple refill


  • It requires electrical current for efficient performance

Things to Consider When Buying an Off-Grid Toilet

A well-made, well-used waterless toilet can turn your waste into manure set for ultimate use in your orchard.

A waterless toilet will also help conserve a significant quantity of water as well as save up some precious dollars if you are on limited or metered water supply.

Unlike the conventional loos, the waterless toilets do require more care and could be very perilous if they are not adequately cared for.

Below are few things to consider, before you buy an off-grid toilet.

Legal Requirements

It will be very thoughtful, if you review the local laws in your location, before making any purchase. Regrettably, waterless toilets are comparatively new and uncommon. Most states and municipalities haven’t made updates on laws guiding and governing hygienically-treated human waste. You could get persecuted or even fined for using a waterless toilet.

Ensure, to double-check with the local authority before you buy one. Normally, if you are in a rural area with an ample amount of land you need not worry. These are made for rural use and cabins. However, most urban and suburban areas won’t permit such, you could imagine the reaction from your neighbor if they find out you are composting feces in your backyard.


Ensure to adequately review the dimension of your desired toilet, and compare them with your available space. Because they do not require piping, they have a larger footprint compared to your conventional loo. For moving homes like trailers, tiny houses, and RVs space is a valuable resource.

Capacity and Maintenance

Some waterless toilet might seem easy to use while others may require you to carefully study the manual to avoid worst-case scenarios. Your attitude towards your toilet waste and byproducts should be considered.

Some loos will require being emptied more frequently than others. You will also have to consider your family size and how long you intend using it. Figure out the right approach that best suits your lifestyle and personal preference.

Availability of Repair Parts

You need to know if the repair parts are available in your country or location. Ensure that your toilets model parts can be easily replaced if broken or spoilt when picking your waterless toilet.

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How to Get Rid of the Solid Waste

You need to think carefully about how to get rid of the solid waste because human waste can pollute the environment and make people sick. Ensure to have a sizable compost bin, preferably two compost bin – I always go for the rotating bins. Select a bin sealed enough to prevent leaching of liquid on the ground but not airtight. It takes about a year or more for one bin to get full (depending on the number of users), start using the second bin if the first get filled. When the second bin is full, the contents of the first can be used for manure on non-edible plants.

Final Word

To wrap this up, choosing one of our five best waterless toilets is a great way to save you more money from using water when flushing your loo in your homes. And if you have a cabin, RVs, or lived off-grid, this will also be an added advantage to keep you more comfortable not getting worried about plumbing Issues. And they are all easy to install, odor-free and easy to maintain.

Our top pick goes to the third waterless toilet on the list, the Nature's Head, Self Contained Composting model, as it requires no electricity which makes it ideal for users off the grid. And the installation and maintenance are both straightforward.

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