Best Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera | 2019 Reviews

Best Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera Reviews

​Today, with a wireless security camera, you are certainly free from the hassles of running long cords just to get it connected to a display device as they require no wires and can be mounted easily at any location. However, any ​camera still needs a power source. Some usually come with a battery pack or an internal battery, but one big problem is that you have to change or recharge the battery regularly for maximum efficiency. And we're certain that because you're here, you don’t want to go through these troubles. Having a solar wireless security camera is the best option that can save you from this stress.

Typically, A ​wireless solar ​camera ​utilizes energy from the sun. It uses high-grade solar panels which help to absorb power from the sun, and this energy is then stored in a rechargeable battery to ensure an endless power supply to ​it even at night. Using a solar ​model requires no electric sources or cable and can be mounted easily at any remote location. And the best part is that due to technological innovation some ​models come with a motion sensor that allows them to activate only when activity is present to ensure data storage is not wasted.

Hearing all this exciting stuff may make you even more determined to get a solar camera to help keep an eye on various locations and save you the trouble of replacement and recharging of a battery. However, you should know not all models available in the market can meet your specific need efficiently, and it is certain you don’t want to get the wrong one. Not to worry, Stay glued as we unveil to you the five best Solar-powered wireless security cameras.

​​Top 5 Rated Models ​Comparison Table

​​Reviews of the ​Best Solar Powered Security Cameras of 2019

​#1. ​Ring Stick Up Cam

Ring Stick Up Cam

This is one of the best solar powered wireless security cameras in the market with wonderful features that allow you to monitor your home from your remote location comfortably. With its inbuilt motion sensors, you can certainly get an alert once it detects any movement within its range. It comes with an infrared night vision and HD video features that allows you to watch your home around the clock in any condition whether at night or during bad weather. And on any purchase, you’re entitled to two cams and solar panel.

One thing that makes this stand out from others is that It comes with an inbuilt two-way talk speaker that allows you to hear what going on around your home and easily talk back to anyone from your smartphone, tablet or pc.

There ​are no ​big downsides, only that it comes ​at a ​considerable price. ​The other main complaint is that it has a weak Wi-Fi signal strength. It simply means you need a strong router for better performance.

Overall, this is a ​great option that comes with plenty of ​fantastic features. 


  • ​Easy to mount
  • High-quality video recording
  • Night vision
  • Two-way communication


  • ​It comes with a very high price tag
  • Wi-Fi signal strength sometimes weak

#2. ​Arlo Pro 2 by NETGEAR

Arlo Pro 2 by NETGEAR

This is ​another great choice to keep an extra eye on your properties. ​It has 1080p HD video with night vision features that allows you to monitor your home even at night. And it can operate efficiently ​at a temperature of 32 degrees to 122 degrees. This solar wireless security camera works with smart digital assistants like Alexa, Google assistant and more for voice control. It also has two-way audio that allows you to listen and talk back through your smartphone.

The ​fantastic part about using this ​model is that you can highlight areas where you want to receive motion and sound alert. And the big plus is that it comes with a long power cable and adjustable mount features that allows you to place it anywhere convenient for maximum sunlight.

The biggest complaint is that the battery does not last long and the night vision feature is not as bright as it claims. And many of its features only work efficiently when plugged in and used indoors.

In all, it is highly efficient for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • ​​Free cloud recording for three days
  • Large data storage
  • Smart siren
  • Weather resistant


  • ​​​Battery is  Inefficient
  • Night vision is not as clear as it claims
  • It is pretty expensive compared to others

#3. ​Freecam Solar Powered Camera

Freecam Solar Powered

This is one of our best standalone solar powered wireless security cameras, with amazing features such as 760p Hd video, infrared night vision and motion detector that help it to records only relevant event. It has a good customer satisfactory benefit that provides a full refund or free replacement if you receive a defective ​model.

If you’re looking for a solar wireless security camera with longer battery life, this is the best choice for you as it comes with a built-in battery of 6400mAh for maximum efficiency every day. The big plus is that it comes with a functional data storage that supports up to 32gig that can overwrite old data automatically to free up more space.

One major drawback is that it comes with one-way audio that allows you to listen but can’t talk back or give an order from your location.

Conclusively, this is one solar security cameras that will ​undoubtedly provide you with high efficiency all day.


  • ​​Strong battery life
  • Good data storage
  • Excellent customer care


  • ​One way audio

#4. ​Funxwe Solar Power Wireless Wifi IP Camera

​Funxwe Solar Power Wireless Wifi IP

This is a powerful solar powered wireless security camera that comes with efficient solar panels, starlight motion sensor that provides more brightness at night. It has two lithium batteries 24AH that can last up to 10days on rainy and cloudy days. This solar security camera can be connected to your display devices either with a wireless router, plug and play or by AP connection (wireless access point)

What stands out is that it has a great in-built TF card of 16Gig and can support up to 128gig TF micro SD card for larger backup and playback. The Big plus is that it has a free app for smartphone that allows you to have efficient remote access to your solar wireless security camera.

The Downside is that it has no inbuilt two-way audio that allows you to listen and talk back through your smartphone on detecting any activity. 

Overall, this ​model has a large data storage unit and can last for few days with a full charge and with this device, you will get an instant phot alert, video recording when it detects any movement around its range.


  • ​​Large inbuilt data storage unit
  • Two powerful lithium batteries
  • Starlight sensor works with infrared light for clear imaging at night


  • ​​​No audio input

#5. ​Draw Green Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor Aluminum

​Draw Green Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor Aluminum

This act as a security light and it comes with a built-in PIR motion detection sensor with a range of 120 degrees. Its motion detection sensor helps to activate its high bright lighting mode on detecting any movement up to 20-26ft away. It has an adjustable lights holder and a solar panel that allows you to adjust to ​a specific angle for a full range of motion sensing and to acquire sufficient sunlight. It is made up of high-strength aluminum alloy shell that can withstand harsh weather condition.

The best part is that it comes with a complete two years warranty. The big plus is that it is cheap and can provide a bright light on detecting any movement.

The downside is that it has no camera or Wi-Fi features, it just acts as motion activated solar-powered light that allows security cameras if in place, to capture images at dark times. And the Battery needs to be replaced every 60-90 weeks.

Overall, it can help to illuminate your property at night on detecting any movement.


  • ​Water resistant
  • Adjustable lamp head
  • It is affordable
  • Good motion detector range


  • ​​​It is not a solar wireless security camera
  • Used only as a security light

​Things to Consider When Buying Solar ​Wireless Security Camera

Since solar powered wireless security cameras ​are one of the essential security devices that work independently without electric source and still helps to keep an eye on any remote location.

However, before buying one is best, you need to know your specific needs and the key factors to consider when buying ​one.

Here we’ve put together some key factors that will help you make the right choice with your smart budget.

​Power Supply

How much power supply your solar wireless security camera can get depends on the solar panel and most importantly the amount of sunlight.

The efficiency of a solar panel is focused on the wattage it comes with. The higher the wattage, the more solar energy it can get from the sun.

Getting one with a highly efficient solar panel will be great but won't perform well without maximum sunlight. So to get maximum productivity is best, you get one with an efficient panel separated from its ​camera to allow you to place it anywhere convenient for maximum sunlight.

​Battery Life/Size

The possibility for your solar wireless security camera to give you maximum security when there is no sunlight depends on the size and life of the battery.

Different ​models come with different battery life. And for longer efficiency, the battery needs to have the capacity to store energy 10 times the maximum output of the solar panel in other not to get damaged due to overcharging. And for better effectiveness at night, it needs to have the capacity to store enough energy. In most cases, the capacity is mainly measured in mAh.

Since it is essential your solar wireless security cameras stay up all day and night, it is best you always check the battery size measured in mAh. And how long the battery can last on a single full charge.

​Data Storage

One easy way to check back on any activities when you’re not present is for your security camera to have data storage unit. Some solar wireless security cameras come with either a built-in data storage or storage port where you can easily attach an external storage drive.

Solar powered security camera with a large storage SD card might be a good option as this will help you have full control of the backup’s video. Well, ​an excellent alternative way to store the videos in case of emergency is on the cloud, as this can allow you access to it comfortably with any device through an internet connection.

Hence, when buying a solar wireless security camera always get one that best suits you. You can as well go for one with both options for better backup of your surveillance video.

Motion Detection

The motion sensor is one great feature in any wireless security cameras as it allows it to stay active and also enable it to send an alert to your device when it detects any movement around its range.

​Each model comes with different motion detection ranges measured in feet. Having solar security cameras with a wider motion detection range ​is also recommended.

Other Features to Think About

Inbuilt Two-Way Speaker: this enables you to hear what's going on and also talk back either to give an order or a warning. But this feature differs when compared with a different solar wireless camera for security​.

Infrared Night Vision: in other to still keep the remote location under full security at night this is one great feature solar wireless security features need to have. It allows you to still keep an eye on certain ​spots even at night.

Remote Viewing Features: this allows you to monitor your home from your comfortable location either using your smartphone, PCs or web browsers.​


Hopefully, you have gotten a good insight on the great benefit of having solar wireless security camera around your home or remote location. And with our five best picks and buying guides, you can be able to get the best one that will serve your specific needs. However, our best picks go to the Ring Stick up Cam because it comes with HD video and two-way audio that allows you to see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your smartphone, tablet or PC comfortably.

Whichever you plan to buy don’t forget to read our buying guides carefully to help you make the right choice.

Stay Secure!