Best Solar Powered Lamp Post Reviews of 2024

Best Solar Powered Lamp Post Reviews

Do you find it a little bit scary or uncomfortable when taking a walk around your home when there is no light? Or Are you the type that loves to get a good feel of your outdoor spaces at night? It is certain you don’t want to go through the stress of carrying or running expensive extension cords to lamp around your house just to keep it well-illuminated. However, one thing is sure; you want one that can keep your surroundings stay bright at night and still save you cost right? Not to worry, having a solar powered lamp post is the best solution for you.

A solar powered lamp post is a cost saver and a great way to add beauty to your surrounding and keep it brightly illuminated at night. It is a stylishly designed lamp post that uses energy from the sun, what does this mean? No electricity required thereby giving you a chance to save more money on your electricity bills. This lamp post is suitable for outdoors like pathways, gardens, pools, driveways, patios and much more. And it comes with easy assemble kits that make it fit into your exterior spaces comfortably.

It is certain you want the best solar power lamp post, and you don’t want to end up buying the wrong one. Not to worry, with our top five picks, you’ll find it easier to get the best one that is worth price and serves your needs. Join us as we bring you the 5 best solar powered lamp posts of 2024.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Solar Powered Lamp Posts of 2024

#1. Gama Sonic Solar Light Everest

Gama Sonic Solar Lamp Post

This is a uniquely designed solar lamp post that appears with the pretty complete kit for easy installation. It comes with a powerful single headlamp equipped with a technologically advanced solar light bulb. It produces brighter ambient up to 200 lumens of power output. This powerful light post is integrated with a powerful 5w solar panel that can hold a charge up to 10-12 hours, and a highly efficient lithium-ion battery that has up to 3 years lifespan. It has automatic control settings that automatically turn on and turn off the light when required.

The amazing thing about this lamp post is that it comes with an adjustable brightness feature that allows you to adjust brightness at night. It is made of quality material that can withstand harsh weather and last longer.

There are no downsides to this solar power lamp post.  The only significant issue is the price, but this shouldn’t be a drawback if you want one that will worth the price.

Overall, this is highly suitable for any exterior spaces and can produce brighter illumination that will help to beautify your home at night or low light condition.

Verdict: Best Overall


  • Durability
  • Powerful solar panel
  • Adjustable brightness feature
  • Easy installation
  • Highly efficient


  • It is expensive compared to others

#2. Paradise Solar Powered Led Streetlight

Paradise Streetlight

Just as its name sounds, this is a traditionally charming solar lamp post. It comes with powerful 12 LEDs that produce up to a 14-lumen brightness that are energy-efficient and can create ambient lighting to your porch, garden, or stairwells keeping you safe and comfortable when taking a walk at night. This solar lamp post is equipped with an easy installation feature that can fit into any outdoor area comfortably. It has four high-quality large panels comfortably integrated at the top of the lamp post for the better absorbance of sunlight.

What makes this highly attractive is that it has an automatic control setting that automatically turns on the light at sunset and turns off at sunrise thereby helping to conserve more energy. It can last longer even in harsh weather like heavy rainfall snowing, or excessive sunlight all year round.

The negative part is that it is a low voltage lighting product which means it is not suitable for large areas. Since large areas require outdoor light with high brightness to keep the environment brightly illuminated at night. Another negative part is the absence of adjustable brightness feature for better conservation of energy, which means the light stays bright all night even when needed to get dimmer for some purpose.

Overall, this an excellent choice for anyone looking for a traditional, durable and comfortable ambient light that can light up outdoor areas.


  • Waterproofed
  • Extended longevity
  • It is cheaper compared to others


  • No adjustable brightness feature
  • Poor Warranty
  • Low light output
  • Not ideal for large areas

#3. Tall Solar Lamp Post And Planter 3

Tall Planter 3

This is a beautifully designed solar lamp post that comes with 3 lamps head each containing a 6 highly efficient bright white Led. It is one pretty cool outdoor light that can enhance your landscape and architectural features. It comes with planter base for a comfortable ground mounting and placing of the decorative plant to help beautify your exterior space.

The exciting part of this light is that it comes with a super bright light that can perfectly light up your exterior spaces. It is also made of durable material for extended longevity when used to provide ambient lighting in the desired location around your house.

The downside of this solar lamp post is that it has no automatic sensor. Which means it can only be manually turn on/off when required. Another drawback is that the planter is made of cheap plastic and does not stand firmly on the ground.

Conclusively, it is an energy-efficient solar power lamp post that provides enough brightness for a safe and comfortable walk in your exterior spaces at night. Additionally, it is a taller compared to other brands, meaning the light is widely spread.


  • Good quality
  • Very durable
  • Good customer service
  • Tall Light


  • Not easy to install

#4. Iglow Outdoor Garden

Iglow Outdoor Garden

This is an incredible solar lamp post with ultra-bright white LED producing up to 100 lumens of brightness that can highlight your exterior spaces at night. It comes with a high-efficient rechargeable battery of about 3.7v and a powerful crystalline solar panel that provides better performance. This model comes with an automatic sensor that automatically turns it on at dusk, and off at dawn and a fully automated on and off switch. And it is made of a rust-resistant and waterproofed material that helps it withstand harsh weather.

This stands out from others because it serves a dual function, what does this mean?  You can enjoy bright illumination either by mounting the lamp on a post or placing it on the ground of your garden or on any flat surface around your home, whichever way that is best for you.

The negative part about this solar lamp post is that it features no high/low mode switch that can be used to adjust the brightness. And the biggest complaint is that the light operates at a lesser duration even on a full charge.

Conclusively, this is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a very bright light that can fit in comfortably around your house or garden.


  • Very bright
  • Adjustable solar lamp post
  • Inexpensive
  • Dual purpose
  • Post mount or in-ground installation


  • No adjustable brightness features

#5. Truepower Cast

Truepower Cast

This is an active solar powered lamp post made of a high-quality material that can withstand elements. It is also finely integrated with four solar panels at the top of the lamp for maximum efficiency. And it has an automatic sensor that automatically turns it on at dusk and off at dawn.

Would you like to increase the brightness or even dim the light whenever you like? Well, you can do that with this solar light post because it comes with three lighting mode: high/bright mode, dim mode and an automated on and off switch. And with a full charge, this solar lamp will provide you with bright light up to 8 hours.

The biggest Complaint about this solar lamp post is that it does not provide 8 hours of light has its claims.

Overall, it is a durable design, and it provides bright ambient light.


  • Four lighting mode
  • Rust-resistant
  • High-quality solar panel


  • Not as efficient

Things to Consider When Buying a Solar Lamp Post

Solar powered lamb post is fast becoming a popularly used light in homes. This light helps to add beautiful ambient to your house, gives an exciting feeling in pools, and highlight exterior features like gardens and pathways at night. And It is certain you also want one in your home that can get this done, but you don’t know the best one to buy since all available in the market claims to be the best. Well, that’s why we have come up with these buying guides that will help you make the right choice when shopping for a solar powered lamp post. After reading this guide, you will certainly find it easy to get best for your home with your smart budget.

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The brightness is one important thing to consider if you need a brightly illuminated exterior space around your home. And Different Solar power lamp post varies in the output of light it produces. Most models use led bulbs that are measured in lumens and ranges from 10-20 lumens for softer and warm ambient, while others come with higher lumen rating up to 900, and it gives brighter(or harsh) effect. Exterior spaces like pathways or driveways, swimming pools or security entrance or barrier may require stronger lights, while places like the gardens, or lawns may only need a lower and softer glow to help brighten it up at night.

However, the brightness depends on the size of the led bulbs, amount of sunlight is absorbed, and photovoltaic cell in the solar panels. So when shopping for an energy-efficient lamp post, the best you can get is one with high-quality photovoltaic cells and powerful led bulbs.


Most solar powered lamps use lithium-ion batteries, which can last from 4-6 days depending on the battery life and the amount sunlight it absorbs. The batteries are recharged from energy trapped from the sunlight through the solar panels. After buying one it essential to give it a full charge before making use of it in other to enjoy maximum efficiency.  So to get the best solar lamp post, always ensure to check the battery life and recharge the battery to the maximum before the first use.

Control Configuration

Most lights come with different configuration settings. Also, you should typically expect most models to come with automatic control settings to automatically turn on and turn off the light when required while others have a manual switch used to switch it on and off. Some have features like an adjustable brightness switch for easy regulation of the brightness either from brighter effect to cooler glow or otherwise.


There are many different solutions available when mounting your solar power lamp post. Whether you plan on mounting it in the garden, yard, patio, driveway, walkway or even your pool, it is certain you will get one that will fit in perfectly. If you want to use it to draw attention, going for a stylishly looking type will be a great idea because it will not only brighten the place but will certainly add a touch of beauty to that spot.

Another important factor to consider is the solar panels. Since most lamp posts are already integrated with a small external solar panel, mounting it under shady trees will prevent it from getting enough sunlight. Hence it will be great mounting it at a convenient spot for maximum exposure to sunlight.

For any product to last longer the quality of the material used is one important factor; same applies to solar power gable fan. A low-quality fan in due time will get damage. Hence, to enjoy using this product for up to 3-5 years, it is best you get one made with the long-lasting material. Solar panels made with marine grades and heavy aluminum for its fans will certainly last longer. Heavy aluminum materials can withstand harsh weather and the marine grade material used to make the panel will help protect against high temperature and ultraviolet rays.

Weather Condition

The prevailing weather in your place of residence or where the solar powered post is needed is also an essential factor to consider when shopping for one. Some solar panels require enough sunlight for greater efficiency while some with lesser exposure to sunlight can reach a full charge and produce better ambient. Using a solar powered lamp in a place that experiences heavy rainfall, snow, wind or excessive sunlight most years can easily get damaged in a shorter time if it is made of inferior material. So, when buying one of these lights, it is essential you get one made with long lasting material for extended longevity and equipped with high-quality photovoltaic cells for better absorbance of the sunlight in other to get stronger efficiency.

Final Word

Since solar energy is becoming a popularly reliable source, using a solar-powered lamp post for outdoor lighting is the best option to help you save money on electricity bills and still keep your home brightly illuminated at night. And with our 5 best solar powered lamp post picks and buying guide, it is certain you will get the right one that will give your exterior space that beautiful feel you want at night or during low light condition. Nevertheless, our best pick is the Gama Sonic model. Because it is an advanced model, easy to install, comes with adjustable features, and produce strong light output. Although there are many choices in the market, always go for one with stronger brightness, high/low mode features, automatic sensor, durable material and easy to install.


Happy Bright Night!

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