Best Solar Powered Dock Lights | 2019 Reviews

Best Solar Powered Dock Lights Reviews

Having a light installed on your dock pathway will undoubtedly make things easier when trying to get to your boat in the dark. This lighting device can also help to make the docks look beautiful and give them a glowing appearance in low light conditions.
Typically, regular electric dock lights need a power source for you to enjoy their capabilities. And In most cases, this becomes a drawback because you don’t want to spend big money on hiring an electrical engineer or run long cords that need installed with sufficient power ​running to it. Nevertheless, your worries are over because solar-powered dock lights can potentially fit your needs.

Solar powered dock lights require no external electricity source, wiring or ongoing maintenance which in-turn will help you save some cash. When getting ​solar lighting for a dock, all you need do is to install it at any designated point in the deck that usually gets sufficient rays from the sun.

There are ​many quality models with wonderful features available on the market, but you should also know that ​​there are some really poor quality and ineffective models out there. So, to ensure you get the right ​set, we have put together ​our honest reviews of the best solar powered dock lights of 2019 to help you make the right choice.

​​Top 5 Rated Models ​Comparison Table

​​Reviews of the Best Solar ​Powered ​Dock Lights of 2019

​#1. ​​SOLMORE 4 Pack Solar Deck Lights

SOLMORE 4 Pack Solar Deck Lights

This solar dock light comes in a four pack with each fitted with six premium quality led bulbs that can dramatically enhance the looks of your deck, road or a docking path with super bright lights at night. With a full charge, it can provide up to 12 hours of lighting at night. And It has an Auto on/off mode that can automatically turn ​it on at night and off at sunrise. The battery part is tightly sealed to protect it from harsh weather conditions.

This is a sturdy ​model made with high-quality aluminum alloy casting that makes it rust free and ​being able to withstand up to 9 tons of weight. The big plus is that it can be used in most roads, and it comes with an essential installation kit for easy mounting of the solar powered dock light ​on your fence, path, stairs, pillar or tree.

The negative part about ​this is how expensive it is compared ​with the other picks on this list, but one thing is ​for sure, it is worth the price tag.

Overall, it is a durable, highly efficient, cost-effective, easy to install and requires no maintenance. To get maximum efficiency always charge it up for 12 hours before use.

Verdict: Best Overall


  • ​​Sturdy construction
  • Easy to install
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Rust-free


  • ​It is expensive when compared to others
  • The battery cannot be easily replaced

#2. ​EcoCity Solar Lights

EcoCity Solar

This is an eco-friendly way to keep your driveway, dock path, or step bright at night. It requires no wires and is very easy to install. ​This ​eco-friendly ​pick contains an automated switch that automatically turns it on at night and off during the daytime. ​With a single purchase, you will get four pack of solar dock lights with each producing up to 6 lumens of brightness. And if you want something that's merely decorative, this can be a perfect choice for you because it produces a warm and stylish yellow light at night.  

The amazing part is that it can withstand external stress such as human weight because it's made of high-quality cast aluminum. It has a good money back warranty that allows you to return it within 30 days and get a full refund if you're not satisfied. Plus, it is excellently durable and weatherproof for better ​longevity.

The downside is that it is not bright enough for ​docks but can serve as a decorative light for your dock paths, driveways or deck paths.​

Overall, it is easy to install and works great under harsh weather conditions.


  • ​​​Easy to install
  • Sturdy construction
  • Four ​models


  • ​​​The battery does not last ​as long as it claims

#3. ​Eastern Star Solar Lighting

​Eastern Star Solar Lighting

​Another excellent solar-powered light dock made with stainless steel construction that enables it to work efficiently in harsh weather conditions. It has an upgraded 3 Led solar lights that can illuminate your stairs, paths, wall, or fence post at night in low light conditions.

The most interesting part about it is that it is equipped with a large size panel for better efficiency and has a large battery capacity of 700MAh that can provide you with 9 hours of bright light at night on a full charge. The big plus is that the package includes ten ​models for the price listed.

​A few letdowns is that the ​LED bulb is protected with cheap plastic and the solar dock light itself is not as durable as it claims. The Biggest complaint, it is not super bright at night.

​All in all, the solar panel works great, and the battery can last ​reasonably long on a full charge.


  • ​​10 ​pack
  • It has an auto/off button
  • It can be mounted vertically or horizontally on the deck


  • ​The Installation is a bit tricky
  • Not as durable as it claims
  • It cannot withstand alot of external stress

#4. ​HowFine Outdoor Stainless Steel LED

HowFine Outdoor Stainless Steel LED

This is another ​decent solar-powered dock light on the list with upgraded led bulbs and larger sized panels. This ​pick has two switch modes - an automated switch that enables it to automatically turn on and off when required and a manual switch off button.

The best part is that it is equipped with a powerful 600Mah rechargeable battery that can last up to 8 hours on a full charge. And it is made of high-quality material that can withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, ice and wind.

The downside is the difficulty with the installation, and the fact that it cannot withstand external stress or weight.

Overall, they are more durable than your conventional glass light bulbs and are also more efficient.


  • ​​Efficient solar panels
  • Good rechargeable battery
  • Decent sized 8 pack


  • ​The Light is not ​mega bright
  • It does not last long
  • It can’t withstand alot of external stress

#5. ​Xlux S60 Solar Stair Step Lighting

Xlux S60 Solar Stair Step

This solar dock light can be easily mounted on staircases, gardens, decks and even fences. It is an efficient ​​choice that produces up to 10-12 lumen of brightness and can last up to 9 hours on full charge. For maximum efficiency, this solar dock light should be placed under sufficient sunlight before using it for the first time.

The best part is ​its ability to automatically turn on at night and off during the day. Another big plus is that it is durable and it has an efficient solar panel that can absorb enough sunlight even on cloudy days.

If you want a solar deck light to keep a large size dock path, deck or driveway bright at night, then you might need to purchase a few packs as each purchase only comes with 2 lights in a pack.

Overall, it is highly efficient, and it is the cheapest on ​our list.


  • ​It is affordable
  • Easy to install
  • The battery can be replaced easily


  • ​It only comes in a 2 pack

​​Things to Consider When Buying ​Good Solar ​Dock Lighting

What to consider when buying solar-powered dock lights depends on your specific needs. And if you need to add a beautiful ​ambiance to your stairway, pathways, decks, or to your dockyards, then there are many options with different features, styles, and types that you can choose from.

Here are some of the most important things to consider when buying solar-powered docking lighting.

Water Resistance and Durability

​Since you will be using these outdoor or close to water, your ​lights can ​be more at risk from harsh weather conditions, water, or moisture. ​Choosing lighting made with waterproof materials will work great under harsh weather conditions, and also last much longer. ​Also don't forget that the solar panel should also be water-resistant.


​This depends on where you want to use it. Some can fit in perfectly ​with your stairways, pathways, and walls while others ​are more suited for dock paths or to distinguish the walkway of a patio at night.

Battery Capacity

​The battery is one of the most essential components in solar dock lights. How long your​ bream will last after a single full charge in low light conditions all depends on the battery capacity measured in MAh. Some ​models can last up to 12 hours on a full charge, while others may be less or even higher. A higher battery size will certainly provide better efficiency.​

Number/ Pack​

​If you want a particular model placed on a large sized path to give it a stylish appearance, this is one most important ​factors to consider. Some models come in ​bundles ​whilst others come in singles. ​​It's obvious that the bigger the size of the area, the more solar deck lights ​are required. So when ​buying this lighting, it is best to know the size of the area you intend to keep bright in low light conditions.

Brightness and ​Colors

​Different models come with different levels of brightness measured in lumens. Solar ​lighting with a higher lumen rating can produce more brightness.  Some solar powered dock lights also come in different colors of light for beautification and to provide your dock path with a stylish appearance. However, it all depends on where you plan on using them. It is best you always pay attention to the number of lumens of the LED light it comes with when buying ​it.​


​After reading our sincere buying guides list of the best solar powered dock lights, ​we hope you have got some great insight ​into the best products ​for your specific needs. Our top pick is the Solmore 4 pack solar dock lights because, it has a sturdy construction, produces a super bright light, and can withstand external stress of up to 9 tons of weight.

Stay Bright on those Docks!