Best Solar Cover Reels for Inground Pools | 2022 Reviews

Best Solar Cover Reels for Inground Pools Reviews

Having a solar pool cover for your in-ground pool will certainly help you to maintain the water level, keep it slightly warm, and prevent debris from getting into the pool. But taking it off and putting it back in place on your own or with an extra hand can be a big headache. And it is certain you don’t want to go through this stress. So, this is where a solar cover reel comes in handy.

These blanket reelers for inground pools are designed to help you ease out the stress of putting on, removing or storing your solar cover. This reel helps to extend the life of your pool cover by preventing damages caused by pulling or folding. And using a solar blanket reel requires no extra hands to cover your pool because it comes with a hand crank that helps you to roll in and roll off the pool blanket easily. These are available for in-ground or above ground pool full decks.

Getting the right one can be challenging since there are many out there that look appealing. That is why we’ve carried out an extensive comparison of many different models and have come up with the best choice. Now let’s check out the 5 best solar cover reels for in-ground pools that we recommend for you.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Solar Cover Reels for Inground Pools of 2022

#1. Best Choice Products Inground Swimming Pool Cover Reel

Best Choice Cover Reel

This is one of the best solar cover reels for in-ground pools you will like to lay your hands on. This reel features a large thread tire that offers excellent stability, allows easy mobility, and comfortable positioning of reels on the in-ground pool. It is equipped with a highly efficient single hand crank that makes it easier for you to roll-up the cover from pools without difficulties. It comes with 8 straps that can be used to attach the solar cover to the reels easily.

The cool part about using this pool blanket reel is that it can perfectly fit pools up to 21’ feet in width. Another big plus is that it provides maximum durability because of its sturdy construction. And this cover reel requires less maintenance, and it is rust free.

The downside happens to be that its complete kits are ship in separately. The reel sags or bends at the middle when used to roll up a heavy solar cover. And the biggest complaint is that it comes with weak straps and the Velcro does not hold firmly in inclement weather.

Overall, this is a highly efficient solar cover reel and can be used comfortably for fairly large pool size.

Our #1 Choice


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong stability
  • Rustless
  • Sufficient straps
  • Adjustable Poles


  • Weak straps

#2. Arksen Stainless Steel Solar Cover Reel for Swimming Pools

Arksen Stainless Steel

Arksen solar cover reel is one eco-friendly product designed to comfortably fit in pools up to 20’ft wide x 40’ft long. It has heavy duty wheels with large thread tires that allow easy wheelbarrow style maneuvering, effortless mobility, and comfortable positioning to fit the in-ground pool. Having this reel requires no extra hand because it comes with an ergonomically shaped hand crank that allows easy rolling and unrolling of your cover. And it has 3 ¼ diameter tubing that offers a safe rollup for your solar cover.

The exciting part of this reel is that it comes with all the essential attachment hardware’s that makes it easy to assemble and store. You will certainly enjoy this solar reel because it has a sturdy construction and can last longer since it is made with high-quality corrosion-resistant material.

The negative part is that it comes with an incomprehensible instruction manual and the reel tends to bow in the middle under the weight of the solar covers. The biggest complaint is that the hand crank tends to get damage in a short time and the straps do not stick tightly around the poles.

Overall, it is easy to move around, keeps covers off the paved area, and it simplifies removing the cover from the pool. Perfect choice for 20ft pools.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Wheel for easy mobility
  • Adjustable tube set


  • Poor Velcro
  • Bow in the middle due to heavier solar cover

#3. Rocky's 3a In-Ground Pool Solar Reel

Rocky's 3a In-Ground Pool Solar Reel

Rocky! As the name sounds, this is a great solar cover reel for inground pools made of sturdy die-cast aluminum and coated with enamel finishes which provides outstanding durability. This is designed for in-ground pools up to 20ft wide. On a complete assembling, the underside of the tubing is 9.5 inches above the ground.

The amazing part is that it comes with an adjustable  3inch dodecagon anodized steel tubing which offers lateral strength and can support heavier solar covers without sagging. It also features 2-inch castor set that helps to provide great stability, and easy maneuverability, plus the solar blanket attachment kit offers better efficiency.

The few let down is that it comes at a very high price compared to others and it is challenging to assemble its complete hardware. The biggest complaint is focused on the solar cover rubbing the ground when fully rolled up due to its short clearance height from the ground.

Overall, it is a strong reel with great stability even when used to rollup heavier inground pool covers.


  • Powerful
  • Complete hardware’s
  • Easy mobility
  • It does not sag easily


  • Expensive
  • Short clearance height to the center tube

#4. Sun2solar Stainless Steel Blanker System

Sun2solar Stainless Steel

The sun2solar cover reel is a durable reel for your inground pool. It is made of high-quality stainless steel material which makes it less corrosive. It has a large wheel on one end for easy mobility and enhanced portability. It comes with a stainless steel frame with 3.25 reel tube. And the ground clearance height to the underside of the 3.25 reel tube is approximately 18 inches.

What stands out in this product is the fact that it has a large turning handle that makes it easier for you to roll up the cover from pools without difficulties. It is cheaper compared to others and can fit in pools up to 16 ft. wide, what does this mean? If you have a small size pool and you’re looking for a highly efficient reel that might suit your budget, this is a perfect choice. And the big plus is that it comes with a complete three years warranty.

The challenges faced using this reel is that it sags or bends at the center tube in a short time. And the biggest complaint surrounds the large turning handle because it easily breaks. 

In all, it is an affordable alternative and highly efficient in small size pools.


  • Good clearance height
  • Large turning handle for easy rolling of solar covers
  • Good warranty
  • Inexpensive compared to others


  • Less sturdy turning handles
  • Not recommended for large size pools

#5. Fch Pool Reel Set Aluminum  Swimming Inground

Fch Aluminum

FCH in-ground cover reel is a beautifully designed reel that comes with complete essential kits for easy assembling and usage. It also designed to comfortably fit in all shape pools up to 18 ft wide x 40ft long and comes with an adjustable width features that make it suitable for 2.5 ft. to 18ft wide in-ground pools. This solar cover reel is durable, rust-free at all ends and it requires minimal maintenance because it is equipped with a stainless steel footing and high-quality aluminum reels.

This stands out from others as it has a grooved reel tube which helps the straps to stay strongly tight to the reels, solid wheels with large tires that provide more stability, and it is equipped mechanical lock that helps to prevent the reels from rotation when the solar cover is fully rolled up.

The negative part lies on the pool size it can accommodate, unlike others that can comfortably fit in pools up to 21 ft.

Overall, it is a beautiful, easy to assemble, durable and a perfect choice if you have a pool size ranging from 2.5ft to 18ft wide.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Maintenance-free
  • Durable


  • Not recommended for pools up to 21ft.

Things to Consider When Buying a Reel for In-Ground Solar Pool Covers

Solar cover reels work well when used for in-ground pools, but it’s certain you won’t get much satisfaction with the wrong one. And you surely don’t want that right? Therefore, when shopping for one for your pool; there are essential things you need to look out for to get the best one that will serve your need efficiently. 

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To ease out your stress we’ve put together some essential factor to consider. And After reading this guide, you’ll find it easier to get the best one that will suit your need and also worth your budget.

Here are the essential factors to consider when making that all important purchase:


Most models are designed to handle a cover with a length of up to 40’ or less. Fully rolled up the lengthy cover on low profile reels may tend to rub the ground, and this is not advisable because as this continuous, it can bring in debris into your pool or damage the cover itself.


Different in-ground pool reels come in different sizes. Most reels can fit an inground pool or solar covers up to 20ft wide comfortably; some have an adjustable feature that allows for easy extended to a certain degree in other to fit the pool, while some are non-adjustable, they are just constructed to fit in larger, or smaller pools sizes.

So when buying a reel, it is best you know the size of your pool, the length and width of the pool cover you plan on using.

Solar Cover Reels Footing

High quality or lightweight in ground cover reels with poor threads tires or castors have poor stability while reeling unless it is giving an extra hand. Getting solar cover reels with sturdy footing or broader castors or threaded tires will give it a powerful balance.

Weight of the solar Cover

Some solar covers are thicker and heavy, while others are thinner and lighter. And Most times the weight is determined by the material used, width and the length (measured in mil). Using thicker or high-grade covers on a less sturdy reel is not a good option, as this makes the reels bow to the ground due to the weight. Hence, for heavy or thicker solar powered pool blankets it's best you look for high-grade cover reels or one with larger roller tube.


This is one of the most important considerations to take into account before making that big step.  Some solar reels are designed to be permanently mounted to the ground while others are equipped with castors or large thread tires for enhanced portability. Getting one with castor or the threaded tire will be a great option as this will help you to place it at a convenient spot around the pool easily, and take it off during harsh weather for extended longevity. Hence, whichever one you plan on buying make sure it suits your taste and aid easy movement.


Since cover reels are used in pools, there is a 100% tendency of water and sunlight coming in contact with it. As you know, this can result in corrosion and rust that makes reels looks unpleasant and gets damaged in a short time. Solar cover reels made from lightweight aluminum or stainless steel, and coated with corrosion resistant material can withstand harsh weather and also prevent it from rust and corrosion.

Final Word

Overall, using a solar cover reel is the best solution to ease out the stress when covering your inground swimming pool.

Well, our best picks surround the ARKSEN Stainless Steel Cover Reel. Considering its features and functionality, we’ve found this solar cover reel to be more durable, long lasting, easy to assemble and can fit in comfortably in pools up to 20ft wide.

Although, whichever one you plan on buying do not forget to follow the buying guides.

Enjoy the Swimming!
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