Best Residential Wind Turbine | 2019 Reviews

Best Residential Wind Turbine Reviews

​That first moment when you ​see a home wind turbine, ​the first thing that usually comes to mind is ​how big they actually are. But as you know, technology is expanding every day with ​more and more ​innovation ​helping reduce the use of non-renewable energy. And in recent times, technology has advanced so much that there are easy ways to conserve energy using wind turbines. What does this mean? The big fear is whether you can own a small-scale wind turbine mounted at your home.

How does this work?
A home wind turbine generates power by a continuous spinning of a rotor with the aid of aerodynamic blades; The rotor is attached to a generator. This generator is an electric motor which changes the kinetic energy into electrical energy. Has the motion of the rotors spins this generator, an electric current is produced and then stored in a battery connected to an inverter which helps to covert the direct current into an alternating current for your home use.
A residential wind turbine is one significant technological innovation that can help to save your electricity cost when installed. There are so many great benefits you get when you install one of these at your home such as reducing your electricity bill, promoting a more eco-friendly environment, and providing an excellent source of energy.

Having one installed in your home is a significant step to enjoying its ​awesome benefits, but finding the right model can be very difficult due to so many models available on the market. That's why we've put together reviews of the best residential wind turbines of 2019 for you.

​​Top 5 Rated Models ​Comparison Table

​​Reviews of the ​Best Residential Wind Turbines of 2019

​#1. ​​WINDMILL 1500W 24V 60A Turbine Generator kit

WINDMILL 1500W 24V 60A Turbine Generator kit

This is one of the best home wind turbines with a rated power of 1500 watts that can charge a battery capacity of 200A or more. It comes with pretty all the essential kit for an easy DIY installation. This ​model stays highly protected from sudden and high wind speed at any location because it is integrated with an automatic braking system. It can easily generate power to your home with a cut-in wind speed of 5.6mph. It is tightly sealed with high-quality weather-resistant material to help it last longer in ​harsh weather conditions.

What makes it stand out is that it can be used in conjunction with solar panels, which means added advantage to your off-grid power solution. Plus, you do not have to worry about harsh weather conditions because It has a UV protection coating and made with high-quality thermoplastic and glass fiber material.

The downside is its price as it is very expensive. And it is ​significantly large and heavy in weight.

Overall, it is a highly efficient home wind turbine that can be used to generate sufficient power for your home. And one thing that is certain, is that it is highly appreciated by most users.

Verdict: Best Overall


  • ​It is durable
  • The unit can be used in conjunction with a solar panel
  • Provide sufficient power supply
  • Perfect for lower wind
  • Easy to install
  • Inbuilt MPPT charge controller


  • ​It is expensive
  • Large and ​heavy in weight compared to others

#2. ​Windmill (DB-400) 12V Generator Kit

​Windmill (DB-400) 12V Generator Kit

This is another incredible windmill product on the list. ​It comes with an easy DIY installation method with pretty all the essential kit to get this done. The generator is integrated with an MPPT which helps to convert high voltage DC into a lower voltage for optimal battery charging. It comes with a rated power and speed of up to 400W and 28mph respectively. With this ​model, you should be less worried about sudden high wind speeds as it has an inbuilt automatic braking system. To get the battery charging, it needs a minimum wind speed of 6.7 mph.

The amazing part is that it is cheaper compared to others. Another plus ​is it is made of high-quality material that enables it last longer under harsh weather condition.

If you're looking for a ​model for ​a big power demand, this is not ​the right choice for you, because it can only produce maximum power of 400W. And the biggest complaint is, it does not work as advertised as it requires a wind speed of 10-15 mph just to get the battery charging.  

Overall, it is cheap and easy to install. This is an efficient way to reduce your electricity bills and a perfect choice for small houses.


  • ​Integrated automatic braking system
  • Easy DIY installation method
  • Highly Efficient for small houses
  • Tightly sealed and compacted
  • Decent one year guaranty


  • ​​​It can only generate power on attaining wind speed of 15-20mph​
  • Low wattage

#3. ​Missouri Freedom 5 Blade Wind Turbine Generator

Missouri Freedom 5 Blade Wind Turbine Generator

This is another highly efficient wind turbine that comes with incredible features that can provide your home with up to 1600 watts of power.  It comes with 5 aerodynamically tapered blades for maximum output. Package includes a stars and stripes tail that helps it steer the wind turbine toward the direction of the wind,  a zinc plated steel hub with cooling holes that allows adequate airflow to the PMG, heavy duty hub spacer/stabilizer, stainless nuts and bolts for easy assembling.

The best part it requires low wind speed of 6mph to generate power. Its raptors ​are able to regulate its speed under high or sudden winds. And its metal parts are made of hot dipped galvanized weather and rust resistant material that makes it last longer and keep it free from rust for up to 50 years in normal conditions. 

Conclusively, this is a perfect choice for small or medium houses and can last longer under harsh weather condition.


  • ​It can produce 1600 watts of power
  • Rust and weather resistant
  • Perfect for low wind
  • It comes with 3 phase bridge rectifier for converting to DC output.
  • Simple and effective


  • ​​A little bit trickier to setup

#4. ​Windmax HY400 500 Watt Max 12-Volt 5-Blade​

Windmax HY400 500 Watt Max 12-Volt 5-Blade​

This is a smart wind turbine built on innovative technologies with superior performance and reliability. It is among one the best small wind turbines available in the market ​and offers quality ​construction and ​a nice price tag. With this ​model, you do not have to worry about the winds in your location as this small turbine can generate power at all wind speeds, as said by the maker. It comes with an essential package which includes blades, controller, generator, and screw/bolts.

What stands out is that the blades are uniquely designed with mixed nylon and reinforced fiberglass with the use of thermoplastic technology that provides it with high strength. It is also a perfect choice for small homeowners as it can generate powers up to 500 watts for your home use. The best part, it features inbuilt aerodynamic braking to control the rotational speed of the generator at high winds.

The downside is that this ​ is not a suitable choice for large or medium houses. It comes with an incomplete manual, installation kits and it does not have a DIY installation method unless you want to hire an engineer to set this up. Another biggest complaint is that it has no warranty.

Overall, it is a perfect choice for low wind location, and highly efficient for small houses.


  • ​​Works great ​with low wind
  • Lightweight generator
  • It has aerodynamic blade speed control
  • ​Great durability
  •  Maintenance free


  • ​​​It has no warranty
  • Incomplete installation kit
  • Not easy to install

#5. ​Automaxx Windmill Generator Kit

​Automaxx Windmill Generator Kit

Here comes another great product if you want an added value to your off-grid solar power system. This residential home wind turbine works ​excellent in conjunction with your solar panel. Specifically, it has three high-quality fiberglass blades attached to an efficient rotor of 4.3ft diameter and can produce maximum power output up to 600W.

The best part is that it comes with all the essential kits for an easy DIY installation. And at a minimum wind speed of 6.7mph, it can consistently generate power that can charge a battery capacity of 100A or more.

No worries about high wind and overcharging because it has an integrated automatic braking system to regulate the speed rotation and a manual breaking switch to prevent overcharging of the battery.

The downside is that it may not be a ​great choice if you want to use in large houses that ​have a big power ​demand, but will certainly help out efficiently in conjunction with a solar panel.

Overall, it works efficiently under sufficient wind speed, no stress to install, and it is a great investment for long-term use.


  • ​Last Longer
  • High-quality weather resistant material
  • Regulated rotation
  • It integrates an MPPT charge controller


  • ​Not efficient for large houses​

​​Things to Consider When Buying a ​Home Wind Turbine

​Buying a small domestic wind turbine ​can be tricky, and ​you certainly don't want to get the wrong one ​and end up throwing away your money. For this reason, its best you have some great insight on what to consider before buying ​one for your home in order help get the right, and it's also essential to consider the many factors that affect output and efficiency.


​Your location is one key factor to consider if you want to enjoy the great benefit of a home wind turbine. And the important things that determine if your home wind turbine will produce sufficient power output is the wind speed and the direction of the wind in your area. Having a turbine installed where there are obstructions such as a tree, tall buildings, or any high structures may prevent it from getting enough wind thereby producing less sufficient power output. To determine the estimated wind speed in your location, you can use an Energy SavingTrust wind speed prediction tool.

Check Your Wind Speed

The ​vital step to take is to ​find out the wind speed of where you want to install it. This can be measured with the aid if anemometer popularly known as a wind gauge. On average, some residential turbines will need ​a speed of 5mph to generate power. So, always check the product reviews carefully for the minimum wind speed required to generate electricity before investing in one.

​Finding Your Power Usage

​Another important consideration is to know the average energy your home consumes daily or monthly. After getting an insight on this, you can then compare to the amount of power your ​turbines can produce. If the residential home turbines cannot meet up with your home needs, then you can carefully check for others that will or get one and supplement it with a secondary source of power.​

Zoning Restriction

​You need to have a great insight ​into the zoning restriction in your location before ​you consider buying one. ​Typically, most ​residential wind turbine tend to make some groaning noises. Hence you need to research any laws regarding noise around the location. Unless you do not want to end up buying ​one only to realize that you cannot use it.​


​Now that you have a full insight into the best residential wind turbines out there and the buying guides for a comfortable purchase do not hesitate to get one for your home. Our best picks goes to the first on our list, the Windmill 1500w turbine ​generator kit as it comes with all the essential features for easier installation and with great specs that will ​undoubtedly power a fairly large house efficiently. Though all the above ​picks are highly efficient and fully functionally, It all depends on what power output you need in your home.